• Jewish Holocaust War Heroes

    The Holocaust was a terrible event that left a scar on the world's psyche which has never fully healed. The evil that men are capable of became fully apparent during this period of time, and as a result it shook the world to its core when the full extent of what happened was finally revealed. However, despite the evil that took place there was still good, and many men and women went to great lengths to save the lives of Jews and others being persecuted by the Nazis.
    Jewish Holocaust War Heroes
  • Berthold Beitz – A Righteous Savoir To Many

    Oskar Schindler is perhaps the most famous industrialist for saving the lives of Jewish people in Nazi occupied territory, but the fact is that many others were responsible for saving many lives as well. Berthold Beitz is one such man, and as a leading German industrialist he found himself in the unique position of being able to do good.
    Berthold Beitz – A Righteous Savoir To Many
  • A Closer Look At Admiral Wihelm Canaris

    Many of high ranking officers in Hitler's army are remembered with disgust, but the fact is that there were several leaders within the Nazi party who should be considered as heroes. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris is certainly high on this list, primarily because of his role in managing a spy network that worked to thwart various plans that Hitler put into place.
    A Closer Look At Admiral Wihelm Canaris