Jewish Holocaust War Heroes

Jewish Holocaust War HeroesThe Holocaust was a terrible event that left a scar on the world's psyche which has never fully healed. The evil that men are capable of became fully apparent during this period of time, and as a result it shook the world to its core when the full extent of what happened was finally revealed. However, despite the evil that took place there was still good, and many men and women went to great lengths to save the lives of Jews and others being persecuted by the Nazis.
Jewish heroes during the Jewish Holocaust were somewhat rare. This is because in Nazi-occupied territory, Jews had very few rights and were quickly being rounded up and sent to death camps. Even those who weren't sent to extermination camps were still without a solid position from which to help. Those with wealth and prestige were very quickly stripped of it and reduced to nothing by the Germans. As a result, Jews had great difficulty helping others from their race. In some cases, Jews with the ability to hide themselves and their families may have been able to help conceal other families as well but in most cases their hands were essentially tied. There are likely thousands of Jewish Holocaust heroes whose names will simply never get the recognition they deserve.
Others were more capable of helping save Jews during the Jewish Holocaust, however. Men and women like Irena Sendler, Oskar Schindler, and Frank Foley all saved thousands of Jews from extermination. Foley alone is credited with saving more than 10,000 Jewish men, women, and children from the death camps.
The methods of becoming a 'hero' varied, but those who saved the lives of Jews did so through numerous ways. In some cases they smuggled Jews out of the ghetto or out of entire countries. In other cases they helped rescue children or infants. Often, saviors would hide Jews on their property or even provide false papers and identities.
In all cases, those helping Jews did so at risk of their own lives and safety. In Poland, helping Jews was punishable by the death of everyone in the household. Those who decided to assist Jews had tremendous courage and understood the evil that they were facing. As a result, they continue to be honored to this day. While the names of many Holocaust war heroes are known, many are lost to the ages. But all of them are important parts of the lives of many who survived thanks to their help.

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