Documentaries on the Holocaust: The Importance Of Holocaust Documentaries

Documentaries on the HolocaustCould there ever be enough said about the Holocaust, enough films made, enough books written, or enough documentaries cataloguing the harrowing details of those black years? The truth, most would agree, is no.
The Holocaust, which ended nearly seventy years ago, remains a subject that is worth remembering, worth revisiting, worth teaching to every schoolchild across the world. It is a travesty of such enormity that there could never possibly be enough said or recalled to make clear the suffering that was imposed on an entire race of people, or those who dared to help them, speak up for the innocent, or those who were simply to be found unworthy for whatever other reasons.
It has been estimated that at least six million innocent people were killed during WWII in concentration and extermination camps, as well as thousands of other smaller camps, across Europe. If we were to ask how many stories could possibly be told in documentaries on the Holocaust, the answer might rightfully be: six million. For each life lost, there is a story of childhood, love, family, children, hopes and dreams, accomplishments that will never be retold. And, there are stories of suffering, terror, courage, bravery, sacrifice, and the will to overcome their time of imprisonment to be told and to be heard.
Just as there have been other historical events around the world since recorded time, the Holocaust remains, and will remain, a story that should be told and retold so that something like it was never allowed to happen again. Keeping these stories alive doesn’t glamorize the events. In fact, a documentary maker’s goal is to show the truth, as raw and real as it can be. This can include first hand interviews from survivors or their children, as well as newer documentaries that feature rare and hard-won interviews involving the innocent descendants of Hitler’s most trusted high-ranking officers, including:
•         •         Hans Frank
•         •         Hermann Goering
•         •         Heinrich Himmler
•         •         Rudolf Hoess

For those of us who are far removed from those years in world history, there is still a strong pull to try and make sense of the whys of it all. Even should we never understand the views of Adolf Hitler or those who did his bidding ruthlessly, savagely, we still seek to learn, to try and grasp a shred of understanding into how something so terrible could be allowed to take place.
Today there are dozens of important documentaries on the holocaust that can be viewed to learn more about the specific facts of what took place. These films follow the victims and their tortured experiences at the hands of Josef Mengele and his experiments, those who survived and their lives afterwards, as well as those that look into the minds of Adolf Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Goebbels, the men mentioned above, and others.

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