The Importance Of Remembering The Holocaust Through Documentary

Hitler's Children 2012One of the most important trusts that everyone in the world holds equally is the trust that they will never allow something like the Holocaust to take place again. The Holocaust cost the world millions of beautiful, individual lives. Though most of the victims were Jewish, there were also victims from many other walks of life: Polish, Romani, and many other races were also targeted. Plus, dissenters and intellectuals were also tortured, murdered, and burned. People who were considered physically deformed or mentally ill were frequent victims, as were gays and lesbians.
In effect, it seems as if there was no boundary to the cruelty that the Nazis wished to inflict on others. Although there are many monuments to the Holocaust that help people to remember, it can be difficult to go someplace such as Auschwitz in order to make a personal commitment.
No matter what your life is like or who you are, however, it is important to participate in the spread of truth about the Holocaust. This is one reason why Holocaust documentaries are key to future understanding about the Holocaust and precisely what it represents. For example, Hitlers Children 2012.
Holocaust documentaries may soon become very difficult to produce. It is believed that most of the survivors of the Holocaust, even the longest lived among that group, will have passed away within ten years. At that time, one of the most important sources of living memory about the truth of the Nazi atrocities will be gone forever.
Since this is the case, it is important that documentary film makers do everything possible to reach out to those survivors who still remain. Soon, only a few witnesses will be left, such as those who were in their very early teens or twenties during the events. For clear reasons not of their own doing, these people cannot offer the same richness and depth of recollection that the world’s precious population of Holocaust survivors can.
When you choose to watch and support Holocaust documentaries, you are participating in the process of sustaining the world’s memory of the Holocaust. It is also a good idea to go and see Holocaust survivors speak if you have the opportunity to do so. Personal participation in this memory will help to ensure that Holocaust denial never takes root. This is one of the most important steps that each person can take to ensure that such horrors are never repeated again.

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