The Holocaust Facts

The Holocaust FactsWhen Did The Holocaust Happen?

When people think of the Holocaust, many people think of the extermination camps in which over six million Jews were killed. However, this “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” was involved in the oppression of Jews only from about January 1944 onward. The Holocaust is an event that began with the establishment of Nazi Party power in Germany in the early 1930s and ended in 1945 when the camps were liberated by U.S., British and Russian forces.
Why Did The Holocaust Happen?

There were many factors that led to the Holocaust. Many Germans were frightened and angry after World War I. The treaty that ended the war had imposed a number of economic and military sanctions on them and they were seeking someone to blame. There had been a long history of anti-Jewish thought in Germany, which the Nazi Party manipulated in order to persuade average people that Jewish communities in Germany were sabotaging the country.
Who Were The Victims Of The Holocaust?

The principal targets of the Holocaust were the Jewish people living in Germany, Poland, and throughout the rest of Europe. In total, more than six million Jews were murdered, including more than one million children. This includes one million Polish Jews. However, anyone who was not “Aryan” could be targeted, as well as anyone who disbelieved in the Nazi Party ideology: This included Russians, Poles, communists, trade unions, gays and lesbians, the ill, the disabled, the elderly, clergy of various faiths, immigrants of nonwhite ancestry, and many others.
Who Led The Holocaust?

Adolf Hitler penned much of the plan for the Holocaust in the autobiographical book “Mein Kampf,” which he wrote while he was in prison after a failed attempt to overthrow the government of Munich in 1923. The book blamed Jewish “collaborators” and “traitors” for the outcome of World War I and asserted that it was necessary for Germany to spread its power across Europe and to eliminate the Jewish population by any means necessary.
Why Didn’t Anyone Stop The Holocaust?

By the time leaders in the United States, Britain, and elsewhere were aware of the extent of the German campaign of extermination, they were already at war with Germany and its allies all around the world. Many leaders, such as Churchill, made the decision to concentrate their forces on an eventual invasion of Germany and overthrow of Hitler instead of attacks on camps and their infrastructures.

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