Understanding the Death of Hitler

The Death of Adolf Hitler is a very popular topic among people who are attempting to learn about the Holocaust. This man is considered to be one of the most evil men in history, so it's natural that people would want to know how he died and whether he ever paid for his crimes against the Jews and the rest of humanity that took place during his reign over Germany. Hitler was in power for just 12 years, but in that time he changed the face of history and convinced an entire country that people needed to die simply because of who or what they were. This kind of power is unimaginable and definitely generates interest.
Adolf Hitler committed suicide, which many believe is a coward's way out. Regardless of how people feel, though, it was his chosen option once he realized the war had been lost. After learning of the death of Mussolini, his ally, Hitler realized he would be turned into a public spectacle if he were captured and punished for his crimes. Therefore, he discussed his options with an SS doctor and decided that he and his wife Eva Braun would commit suicide by ingesting cyanide and then shooting themselves in the head.
When the time came for the deed to be done on April 30, 1945, it is reported that Adolf Hitler and Eva retired to his study. They were in there for some time before someone reported hearing a single gunshot. Upon entering, Hitler's men discovered that Eva had died of acute cyanide poisoning and that Hitler had shot himself in the head after ingesting the poison. The gunshot was to ensure that he died, in the event the poison wasn't effective or didn't work quickly. No one knows why Eva wasn't shot as well.
Adolf Hitler has become a martyr for the Nazi party and anti-Semitists today, but his life was one of pure evil and a love of power. This man used his power for his own personal gain, exploiting and persecuting those who he believed didn't deserve to have life because of who or what they were. His death was no tragedy, and if he had been captured he would have likely been hanged for his crimes. Instead, he took matters into his own hands and made sure that he died to avoid becoming a spectacle and having to face punishment for his perceived crimes while he was the Fuhrer of the Third Reich.