Photos Adolf Hitler – The Face Of Evil

World War II claimed more than fifty million lives including soldiers and innocents murdered in concentration camps. Adolf Hitler was the chief author of this conflict, and his hatred and maniacal plans are responsible for more deaths than any other single individual. Most people can instantly identify Hitler at a glance. His trademark hairstyle, mustache, and face are etched into the public consciousness. But there are also numerous photos of Adolf Hitler that are frequently viewed by the public as well as by historians. These were taken at various points in his life and reveal the true face of pure evil.
Most photos of Adolf Hitler are taken at rallies and other official Nazi functions. Hitler was a gifted orator, and his ability to hold an audience's attention with his speeches was unparalleled. As a result, many videos and photos of him were taken during these events and highlight his intensity and his charisma.
Other photos are of a more personal style. Hitler lived a lavish life, with numerous homes and villas in Europe. Photographs of him enjoying time with Eva Braun, his relatives, and his closest comrades are very common and are often among the more common images taken of him that are in color, whereas most professional photos from rallies are black and white.
A frequent sight in many photos is Blondie. Hitler loved his German Shepherds, and they are frequently in photographs with him. Eventually, Hitler killed his beloved dog with cyanide in order to prove that it was effective for suicide. But in these earlier photos, he seems to truly love the animal.
Many people attempt to seek out the photos of Adolf Hitler's corpse, with no luck. None exist, mainly because the bodies of he and Eva Braun were quickly burned outside the bunker where he killed himself. Only remains were found, and the Soviets who discovered them quickly buried them in a secret location after confirming their identity.
Hitler was a monster, without question. But by taking a look at the many photos of him throughout the years one is able to get a better sense of the kind of lifestyle he lived and that no matter how monstrous he was, in the end he was still nothing but a man. The plethora of photos of Hitler let one look into the face of a madman, and are stark reminders of just how evil one man can be.