Videos of the Holocaust

During the Holocaust, more than 2/3 of the Jews in Europe were killed by Nazis along with millions of others who were deemed "useless eaters" or "inferiors". These murders were systematically carried out in many different ways, and went on for the better part of 12 years until the Allied forces were able to take over Germany.
There are many different Holocaust films and movies out there. Each one has its own insight and historical value, while they all focus on a common goal: creating a better awareness and understanding of what happened. The early movies, of course, were limited in their information because the war had just ended. Movies that have been made more recently are likely to have more insight and facts that have been discovered through the years. They cover everything from the life in concentration camps to hiding out as a Jew, and even to the rulers and leaders of Nazi Germany and their role in everything.
Fictional movies about the Holocaust have also been made for many years. These movies are more focused on entertainment value while using a historical basis for their setting or plot. For example, some popular movies are actually about the Holocaust, World War II, or the Jews, such as:
-Schindler's List
-Apt Pupil
-The Diary of Anne Frank (documentaries and dramas both made)
-Les Miserables
-The Devil's Arithmetic
-Out of the Ashes
-The Pianist
-The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
There are thousands of other movies about the Holocaust that exist today, but these are some of the most popular titles of all time. Anyone looking to learn about the Holocaust or who wants to experience more of a visual experience of what happened during this era can do so with all kinds of videos and movies that have been made. Today, a new topic is being breached that hasn't been talked about much before: children of the Nazis. There are now documentaries and films being made about the people alive today whose ancestors were involved in the genocide of so many people during World War II. These are interesting stories, and offer an entirely new insight on the Holocaust and its survivors.