We Must Never Forget The Holocaust So That It Never Happens Again

We Must  never forget the HolocaustThe Jewish holiday Yom HaShoah is more commonly known as Holocaust Remembrance Day.  For millions of Jews around the world, it reminds us that we must never forget the Holocaust nor can we ever allow it to happen again.  For those of you who are not familiar with this day, it commemorates the genocide of 6 million Jews by the Nazis during World War II.  Unfortunately, today’s history books relegate this terrible event to one or two paragraphs which makes it extremely difficult to comprehend the vastness of it.
The Primary Perpetrators Of The Holocaust
In order to understand more about the Holocaust, you have to understand who the primary perpetrators were.  Although it may be difficult to read through the following list, these are several of those individuals and what they were responsible for:
•          •   Adolf Hitler – Chancellor and Führer of Germany / Leader of the Nazi Party and the Third Reich
•          •   Heinrich Luitpold Himmler – Chief of German Police / Reich Minister of the Interior
•          •   Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich – Chief of the Third Reich’s main security office
•          •   Hermann Wilhelm Göring – Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe and Grand Marshal
•          •   Otto Adolf Eichmann – charged with the facilitation and management of mass Jewish deportation to the Eastern European concentration camps and ghettos
•          •   Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels – high-ranking member of the Nazi Party
•          •   Hans Michael Frank – Governor-General
•          •   Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höess – commandant of Auschwitz
•          •   Karl Hermann Frank – higher police and SS leader
•          •   Doctors Karl Brandt, Carl Clauberg, Karl Franz Gebhardt, Horst Schumann, and Eduard Wirths – directors of human experimentation
When you read through this list, it will trigger a lot of emotions, especially if you were related to anyone who died as a result of or suffered through the Holocaust.  It is also why we must never forget the Holocaust and ensure that this never happens again.
How Do We Remember?
We as human beings must never forget the 6 million Jews that perished, the ones who survived (deceased or still living today), and their descendants and families.  You can honor and remember them by attending a Holocaust Remembrance Day event, enrolling in a course about it, or visiting a Holocaust museum.  You can also read one of the many memoirs or novels that have were written by these individuals as well as watching a movie about the event.  By remembering this tragedy and educating individuals about hatred and racism, we can begin to ensure that any genocide of this nature never occurs again.

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Photo credit: Captain G. White / / CC BY-SA