How Can We Confront And Stop Holocaust Denial?

Stop Holocaust DenialThe terminology “Holocaust denial” refers to the denial of (or the inability to believe that) the genocide of 6 million Jews occurred during the Second World War.  The three primary claims of denial are:
•         •    The actual number of Jews who were murdered during this event is significantly lower than the 6 million that documented history states
•         •    The German (Nazi) government had no intention of murdering Jews nor did they have an official policy founded in the extermination of them
•         •    The Nazi authorities did not murder the Jews in the extermination or concentration camps or in gas chambers
Additionally, those who deny that the Holocaust ever occurred do not accept or use the term “denial” to describe the murderous activities of the Nazis.  The term “revisionism” is what they most commonly use.  These revisionists use documented historical methodologies which have been criticized for ignoring the historical evidence of the Holocaust’s existence and are founded in the pre-determined conclusion that history is incorrect where this is concerned.
What does it take to stop Holocaust denial and change these individual’s thinking? First and foremost, you have to understand that the majority of these Holocaust deniers openly state that the event is a hoax that was perpetrated by a deliberate Jewish conspiracy.  According to the deniers, the conspiracy was devised at the expense of other peoples in order to promote the plight of the Jewish people during this period in history.  As a result, Holocaust denial is now viewed as an anti-Semitic activity or conspiracy.
Many individuals also refer to this type of denial as negationism which is the extreme form of revisionism.  Even as the killing of Jews unfolded across those areas of World War II Europe that were under Nazi domination, Holocaust denial was being facilitated.  In reality, it was a Nazi German secret.  Little was ever documented by the Nazis and most of the orders to kill Jews were given verbally.
Today, 17 European countries have made a united effort to stop Holocaust denial by making it illegal.  However, to combat denial and negationism, you have to start by educating people about racism and what happens when these misguided beliefs are taken to the extreme by psychopathic and sociopathic leaders as well as other individuals.  It is important to remember that Holocaust denial is a distortion of the facts and the truth.  The only way to stop it is to confront these issues so that the truth is evident and cannot be denied any longer.
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Photo credit: Werner Kunz / / CC BY-NC-SA