Holocaust War Heroes – A Diverse Group

Holocaust War HeroesThe Holocaust was one of the darkest periods in human history, and during it there was no shortage of terrible villains who enacted unspeakable atrocities on millions of people. But while it's easy to focus on the terrors these evil men committed, there is a large group of Holocaust heroes that put themselves at great risk to help save Jews and other people from the death camps. Recognizing their heroics is important, and helps to shed some attention to the good that was still alive during this dark period of time.
In terms of what makes a hero a hero, in the case of the Holocaust most agree that anyone who took steps to save lives can be considered one. Famous Holocaust heroes include:

·         Oskar Schindler
·         Berthold Beitz
·         Father Kolbe
·         Denis Avery
·         Frank Foley
·         And Many more
In many instances, heroes of the Holocaust sheltered or hid Jewish refugees, assisted in their escapes, or otherwise helped them elude capture. Others, like Schindler and Beitz, used their positions as business owners to employ Jewish workers instead of allowing them to go to death camps. And other heroes acted on more personal levels, such as Father Kolbe, who volunteered to be killed instead of a stranger while at a death camp.
Tales of heroism during the Holocaust have become inspiring to many, and there are also numerous awards that are given out to celebrate the actions of these special people. Awards like the British Hero of the Holocaust Award help to highlight what men and women did to help others during this incredibly terrifying time.
The names of such heroes are often included in books, films, museums, and ceremonies honoring the dead. Others get little recognition, and there are likely thousands of heroes whose names will never be known but who likely had a hand in saving the lives of others during the Holocaust.
While just surviving a death camp or the Holocaust in general certainly makes one a hero of sorts, there are many who put themselves at risk to help save others. Nazis were brutal in their actions against those thought to be helping Jews, and as a result it took huge amounts of courage to do so. Luckily, even in the darkest times of evil there are lights of good that shine brightly, and the many Holocaust heroes – those known and those unknown – will continue to be beacons of hope throughout the future thanks to their brave actions. 

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