“Mein Kampf,” A Source Of Hitler Info Many Ignored

Hitler InfoWhen studying about the terrible reality of the Holocaust and of the Nazi death camps, many people are inclined to wonder whether there was any way to know what was going to happen. While the full depravity of the Nazi regime may have been impossible to predict, it is true that there was at least one source of information on Hitler that people of the time could have been aware of.
Many people do not realize that Adolf Hitler was not the original leader of the Nazi Party. In fact, the Nazi Party existed before Hitler himself was involved. This original Nazi Party was a right-wing nationalist organization like the Nazi Party that Hitler would head. However, it had the backing of several military officers and others from World War I who the people of Germany respected.
As part of this original group, Hitler was not considered very important. Unlike the others in the Party, he had only reached the rank of corporal and had not distinguished himself. However, in 1923, he motivated some of the others in the party to join him in a march on the town hall of Munich.
Hitler hoped to seize power and initiate a right-wing regime that would adhere to the racist ideas of “German purity” that he advocated. However, he and his compatriots were met by the local authorities with great force. After he was arrested, he wrote a biography, “Mein Kampf” (or “My Struggle”) which laid out in chilling detail his plan for both Germany and the world.
The biography of Hitler was a huge source of Hitler info that most people were not aware of outside of Germany until after Hitler seized power as chancellor. It could be compared to such books as the Quotations of Chairman Mao in that it laid out precisely what Adolf Hitler planned.
In this book, Hitler blamed Jewish people and others for Germany’s loss in World War I. He also discussed ways of oppressing Jewish people in order to eliminate them from German society. In the Nazi regime, everyone was required to have a copy of this book. However, stunningly, when it began to be translated into English, many people did not take it seriously.
It is important for people of today to do their part to ensure nothing like the Holocaust ever takes place again. To do so, it can be important to pay attention to warning signs like Mein Kampf.

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