Why Holocaust Denial Exists?

For most, there is no question that the Holocaust occurred. The overwhelming evidence including photos, mass graves, testimony, and much more all prove without a doubt that it was all-too real. However, there are a growing number of people who insist that the Holocaust is a fabrication – a hoax.
Holocaust denial is nothing more than an attempt to ignore, negate, or deny the facts behind the Nazi's systematic genocide of Jews. Numerous claims are made by Holocaust deniers including:
·         The murder of six million men, women, and children during WWII never happened.
·         There were no poison gas chambers in any death camps
·         That the Nazi party had no intention of exterminating Jews
Other claims focus on distorting the facts. The basis here is that since the evidence that the Holocaust occurred is so strong, the numbers are all inaccurate. Claims here include:
·         Anne Frank's  diary is a total forgery
·         Any Jews who died in death camps did so from disease or unintentional starvation
·         The number of deaths from the Holocaust is tremendously exaggerated.
Again, these are all easily disproved and are nothing more than an attempt to undermine historical facts. But for many, the real question is just why Holocaust denial exists at all. With such strong evidence, it seems like everyone would accept it as fact.
In most cases, Holocaust denial is usually nothing more than a propaganda tool. It is often used by racist or anti-Semitic groups and was practiced by the KKK and numerous other hate groups including many who are very public about their hatred for Jews.
Numerous goals are sought after by Holocaust deniers. They usually use their denial of the holocaust to reduce sympathy for the Jews and more recently to undermine the overall legitimacy of the State of Israel.
In most cases Holocaust denial tries to present the Holocaust as a hoax perpetrated by the Jewish population in order to advance their own interests. Obviously this is an alarming situation since this kind of anti-Semitism helps to fuel the very same fires of hatred that led to the Holocaust in the first place.
Today, many scholars and groups have tried to argue against Holocaust denial and stop its proliferation. But it continues to spread, fuelled largely by emotion rather than facts or rational thought. As long as there is hatred, there will likely be Holocaust denial. It's important to educate others about what really happened to prevent it from spreading further.