Reinhard Heydrich- "The Hangman"

Reinhard Heydrich is a well-known Nazi official. He was one of the main men involved in the creation of the Holocaust and served as a General of the SS and the Security Office. He was also appointed to be president of Interpol in 1940, and was the chairman of the Wannsee Conference in 1942 that laid out the plans for the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. The "plans" included the deportation and killing of all the Jewish people in German-occupied territories throughout Europe. Total eradication was the goal and Heydrich was one of the main architects of the plan to make this happen.
While historians refer to him as one of the darkest Nazi men, Hitler actually honored him as the "man with the iron heart". He also founded the SD, which was an intelligence organization focused entirely on finding anti-Nazi resistance and killing anyone who went against Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. As one of the ringleaders of the entire event, he earned the nickname "Hangman", and he was feared by everyone who worked with him.
Even Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, feared this man. But he wasn't always a force to be reckoned with. Heydrich was born to a simple family and a humble upbringing. He was inundated with Anti-Semitism throughout life, courtesy of his father and some of his classmates. He stuck with his family after World War I, blaming the Jews for the German defeat. He enlisted in many military-like groups as a teen and when he was 18, he was an officer cadet in the army. He was married during his time in the Navy, but was also discharged in 1931 as a result of attempted sexual molestation charges.
In 1931, Heydrich joined the Nazi Party. His original position was as an SA, where he fought communists in the bars and in the streets. He moved to Himmler's farm later that year and joined the SS as an intelligence officer. From there, it was all downhill. Once Reinhard Heydrich got a taste of power, he ran with it. He actually jailed someone for claiming he wasn't of Aryan descent, and ordered the deaths of many people for no reason other than that they were Jewish or of another unfit nature for the Nazi Party.
Reinhard Heydrich actually killed plenty of victims during the Holocaust with his own two hands. He was attacked himself in 1942 and suffered injuries as the result of a bomb blast, which led to his death.