Did Hitler Die?

In the aftermath of the Allied invasion of Germany, Adolf Hitler sought refuge in his bunker with his longtime mistress, Eva Braun. He was considered public enemy #1 at this time, which led him to make sinister plans to evade capture. On April 29, 1945, Hitler was married to Eva Braun in a small private ceremony. The following day, they both committed suicide in the bunker. Adolf Hitler never faced punishment or persecution for his crimes against humanity and his other horrible actions, but instead took his own life. Some see this as the coward's way out, but to many Nazi members, it was part of the Nazi ideal of 'death before dishonor'.
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria and lived a fairly small life for the most part. As a young adult, he dropped out of school and had dreams of becoming an artist. However, because he didn't finish school, he was unable to gain acceptance to the Vienna School of Art. Hitler moved to Germany after the death of his mother. He had always had a strong allegiance to the country, which was partially influenced by his time in Vienna. Although he was attempting to elude the Austrian Army in his move, he actually ended up joining the German Army at the start of World War I.
Hitler always held a strong faith that Germany was a proud country and one that he could pledge his allegiance to. He was a decorated war hero as he defended his country throughout the war. At the end of the war when Germany surrendered, however, Hitler felt personally betrayed by his country. This, along with his previous exposure to anti-Semitism, led him to become associated with the Nazi Party. Hitler had always had a powerful presence and once he joined this party, he quickly rose to the top.
Although Nazi ideals were generalized against anyone who did not meet the idea of the "master race", Hitler made a specific plight against the Jews. As he rose to power in Germany, he used propaganda to convince the masses that the Jews were the 'problem' that was keeping Germany from being a world power. This misinformation and brainwashing, as some would call it, led to the deaths of more than 6 million Jews and 11 million people in total during the course of the Holocaust. Although Hitler died before he could face persecution for his crimes, he will forever be remembered as one of the most evil men in history.