Who Was Adolf Eichmann?

Adolf Eichmann was one of the main organizers of the Holocaust. He was very good at organizing things and he was reliable with his Nazi beliefs and ideals, which made him a perfect candidate for a leadership position. Heydrich charged him with the task of managing and facilitating the logistics of the Jewish deportation to ghettos and extermination camps. Put simply, he was in charge of creating a system to get rid of the Jews in Eastern Europe. He fled to South America after the war to avoid capture and punishment, but was captured in 1960 by the Mossad. As a result, he was hanged in 1962 and is known today as the only man who was executed in Israel based on a civilian court ruling.
Eichmann was born in Germany to a small religious family. His mother died in 1914, at which point his father relocated the family to Austria. Eichmann's father served in World War I, at which time Eichmann left school. He trained to become a mechanic but quit before finishing because he wanted to work at his father's mining company. He held various jobs throughout the 1920s before moving back to Germany in 1933. He was married in 1935 and had four sons, and joined the SS once he settled in Germany.
As a member of the SS, he was initially designated an SS-Mann under the general SS. In 1933 when the Nazi regime rose to power, he applied to SS active duty and was designated as a Squad Leader and worked in administration at Dachau initially. He transferred to Security to get out of the 'monotony' he claimed was present in the concentration camps, and then joined the SD of Austria. He was also promoted in the SS multiple times. In the late 1930s, he was chosen as an SS leader and dubbed an "expert on Jewish matters". This allowed him to play a large role in the development and implementation of the Final Solution.
Eichmann was captured in 1945 by the U.S. Army, but under a fictitious name so that he would not be killed. In 1946, he escaped from custody and hid out in Germany for a few years. Eventually, he received a landing permit from Argentina, but he didn't use it right away. First, he went to Italy under a fictitious name as a refugee, and obtained a passport under that name so that he could flee to Argentina. He worked in Buenos Aires at various odd jobs before being captured in 1960.