Films About Hitler – Examining Hitler in the Media

Even in life, Hitler had a commanding personality that was to be reckoned with. In death, his incomprehensible actions have spawned many movies with Hitler as an important character. Though these films don't seek to glorify Hitler or the Holocaust, they do offer food for thought. It's easy to wonder about the character and personality of this man who did so much to change the face of Europe. By nearly exterminating an entire population, there's no doubt that Hitler has left a deep scar in the history of European Jews. Hitler has appeared in the media in many different forms.
Hitler is so easily recognizable that filmmakers often place him in movies for only a moment or two, knowing that no other explanation is needed as to the character or the setting. Hitler appears for only a few moments in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," but it's a memorable scene and the character of Hitler has such an impact that many people think of this movie first when they picture Hitler portrayals in the media. Other movies focus on Hitler as a main character, such as "Downfall." This film covers the last 12 days of Hitler's life and portrays the man as both a military leader and an individual struggling with the downfall of his regime.
It's important to note that fictional movies aren't the only films about Hitler that you can find. There are many surviving films that show actual footage of Adolf Hitler during his lifetime. "Triumph of the Will" is a piece of Nazi propaganda that pictures Hitler just as he wanted to be seen. The movie was commissioned by Hitler himself and filmed in 1934. This is a very important historical piece because it offers some insight into how Hitler won over an entire nation and secured his position of power. This narrative offers a valuable look at life back in the early to mid 1930s.
If you're more interested in a historical look at Hitler than a fictional adaptation, there are a great number of documentaries that are worth exploring as well. Many films about Hitler have been put together for the purpose of examining this dictator as closely as possible in an attempt to understand more of what went on behind the scenes of the Nazi party. "The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler" is a 53-minute documentary that includes interviews with Hitler's sister and rare footage of Hitler at home in Eva Braun's home movies. This is an invaluable resource for a look at the man behind the madness of the Holocaust.