Holocaust Remembrance – Celebrating Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day is a special day set aside for remembering the victims of the holocaust. This day is determined by the Hebrew calendar and falls on the 27th day of Nisan. In Israel, Holocaust Remembrance Day will be celebrated on the Thursday before if it falls on a Friday, and on the Monday after when it falls on a Sunday. This allows Friday and Sunday to remain holy in accordance with Jewish laws. Upcoming Holocaust Remembrance Days will be celebrated as follows:
  • 2013 – Monday, April 8
  • 2014 – Monday, April 28
  • 2015 – Thursday, April 16
  • 2016 – Thursday, May 5
  • 2017 – Monday, April 24
In the United States, Holocaust Remembrance Day coincides with a week-long commemoration known as the Days of Remembrance. This takes place from the Sunday before Holocaust Remembrance Day through the Sunday after. During this week, many different events are held around the country to help individuals honor the memories of those lost in the Holocaust. The Days of Remembrance have been established so that time will never erase the memory or the painful truth of what happened in Europe during the Nazi reign that was lead by Hitler. There are many ways that you can honor the Days of Remembrance.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was constructed to provide lasting remembrance of the Holocaust. The museum offers several resources each year for individuals and groups who are interested in planning a Holocaust Remembrance Day event. Sample proclamations are available for civic leaders, and guidelines for arranging a survivor presentation are provided for groups interested in hosting an interview with an eyewitness. You can also find a list of recently published books about the Holocaust to help set up a remembrance table at your local library. Other ways you can honor this holiday include planting a memorial tree, having a special service at your place of worship, and organizing a names reading ceremony.
Holocaust Remembrance Day is an especially poignant time to visit the many memorials to the Holocaust victims. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum regularly holds special events for the Days of Remembrance. Other memorials exist around the world in locations including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Israel, and Berlin. In the United States, memorials include the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, New England Holocaust Museum, Holocaust Museum Houston, Holocaust Memorial in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and dozens of others. Take some time to find the closest memorial to your home so you can honor this important holiday this year.