Hitler Movie – What We Can Learn from Seeing Hitler on Film

There are many pieces of film footage that exist from Hitler's lifetime. Parts of the Holocaust were carefully documented by the Nazi party. As well, Hitler's many public appearances were recorded on film. This grainy black and white film still exists today as a powerful reminder of the stark reality of what happened under Hitler's reign. There's much that we can learn from watching a well made Hitler movie. It's important to consider this kind of footage in the right light to get a clear and accurate picture of what was really going on in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.
One of the most compelling things that movies of Hitler can show us is how charismatic and powerful this man really was. It's important to remember that Hitler was actually elected to his position of power. He amassed a great number of followers. As he was climbing the ladder to greater power, he would often put his best face forward. Hitler even gave a public speech at the 1936 Olympics where he presented Germany before the entire world as an upstanding country. Watching him lead the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, it can be difficult to comprehend what is happening behind the scenes.
Another thing that's evident in many Hitler movies is that this man had a very complex personality. He was certainly a terrible dictator who was responsible for the deaths of millions of people. At the same time, he was a man who showed a great deal of tenderness and care towards those that were important to him. It's stunning to see in some videos that Hitler was very gentle and kind toward German children that he interacted with. Far from minimizing the horrors of what he did, this only emphasizes how great his disdain was for the Jews, that he didn't even view them as people.
Watching any Hitler movie, you're sure to come away with two striking impressions. The first is of a powerful leader who inspired loyalty in many people. Hitler had a great number of followers who were willing to commit atrocious acts under orders from the Nazi party. At the same time, it's possible to see a crazed monster beneath the polished veneer of the public Hitler. This is a man who had a deep-seated hatred for not only the Jews, but anyone that he considered to be inferior. His quest to create a perfect race took a horrific and murderous turn during the Holocaust which has left a lasting scar on the face of history.