Holocaust Documentaries: Holocaust and it's Aftermath

Holocaust DocumentariesForgiving Dr. Mengele - 
This film follows the story of Eva Mozes Kor, one of a pair of twins who were experimented upon at the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz. The film dramatizes the capture of her family, their deportation to Auschwitz, their selection as test subjects by Dr. Mengele and the subsequent tortures endured by her and her twin sister at his hands.
The real story of the film, however, is Eva's journey of healing after World War II. She immigrates to Israel and eventually the United States wear she founds the organization Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors or C.A.N.D.L.E.S. The film culminates in a meeting with a Nazi doctor who had experimented on Eva and her sister, and Eva's proclamation of forgiveness to him and to all Nazis. This declaration was very controversial, and that controversy is explored.
Anne Frank Remembered
This Academy Award Winning film portrays the story told by the  beloved children's book The Diary of Anne Frank. The film is done in documentary fashion rather than as a re-telling of the book. The film was shot in the authentic locations of Anne Frank's life, including her childhood home in Amsterdam, and Auschwitz itself. The film also includes an interview with the woman responsible for keeping the diary after the betrayal and abduction of her family.
Lodz Ghetto
This dark and solemn documentary depicts the lives of Jews and Roma who were forced into the ghetto of the city of Lodz, the second largest of the ghettos the Germans established for their captives. Its residents were forced into slave labor producing materiel for the German army. The documentary is composed of authentic film reels and photographs of the ghetto, and much of its narration is drawn from actual diary entries and letters of its inhabitants. Despite the ghettos exceptional productivity, the Germans eventually shipped its tens of thousands of inhabitants to Auschwitz to be processed.
A Film Unfinished
This documentary examines the mysterious footage taken by the Nazis of the Warsaw Ghetto that seems to depict life their as happy and normal, which history of course shows was not. Historians have long questioned why the Nazis bothered to shoot this footage. A film unfinished investigates this mystery in light of more recently uncovered footage which shows that the shots of a happy-go-lucky Nazi ghetto were staged. This new footage serves as a behind the scenes look at the strange films and gives viewers an interesting look into the Nazi production and usage of propaganda.

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