Children Of Hitler: Myths and Facts

As far as anyone knows, Adolf Hitler did not have any biological children. Hitler himself wanted to give Germans the idea that he was the father of the nation and therefore the father of all Germans equally.
In recent times, some claims have been made that Hitler may have had at least one illegitimate child. However, these claims have not yet been established or verified by independent means. That being the case, most people still believe that Hitler himself did not have any children.
One of the most compelling claims about Hitler’s family came from a French woman who was a young woman at the time when Hitler was serving in the German army. She claimed that Hitler, whom she barely understood due to the language barrier between them, was briefly her boyfriend and that they had relations leading to the birth of a son.
The claim goes on to say that, although Hitler never visited the young woman and child, he may have sent letters and money to them. This part of the story has a bit more documentation to back it up: However, it is still not certain.
This does not mean that Hitler was uninvolved in the lives of German children, however. In fact, Hitler’s face, voice, and beliefs were very familiar to virtually all German children of the time. Hitler and others in the Nazi Party believed that they were creating a completely new Germany that would require young people to become dedicated Nazis. As a result, they established many different organizations and requirements for German children.
The Hitler Youth was an organization that was frequently referred to or thought of as “Hitler’s Children.” It is important to understand that the Hitler Youth we think of today was the group for boys: There was a second, separate organization for girls.
The Hitler Youth operated as a sort of “scout” organization where young boys were taught to emulate senior Nazis and military figures. They would learn practical skills that were intended to prepare them for a future of military service, as the Nazi campaign of conquest and destruction was to continue indefinitely into the future.
Girls were also inducted into groups such as the League of German Girls. The purpose of this type of organization was to encourage them to raise German children for the “Fatherland” and for the Nazi Party. In this, virtually all German children were made to act as “children of Hitler.”

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