How Did Hitler’s Wife Die

Hitler was only married for about a day of his life, although he was acquainted with his future wife, Eva Braun, throughout much of his reign. Of all of the people who surrounded Hitler, Eva Braun is one of the ones about whom we have very little knowledge.
Braun was born in Munich and attended a Catholic primary school before spending one year at a business school. After working as a shop clerk, she became the assistant and apprentice to Heinrich Hoffmann, who would later become the official photographer of the Nazi regime.
At this time, Hoffmann was developing the “dramatic” photos that would be used to help build up the reputation of Hitler as a great orator. These photos would also eventually become stamps and post cards, and would spread Hitler’s likeness around Germany.
It was during this time that Eva Braun met Hitler. Very little of her relationship with Hitler is known: However, it is known that she spent much of her later life in Berlin, being sheltered and protected by Hitler and his closest allies in order to keep her distant from the war.
By 1944, with the fortunes of the war turning against Germany, Eva Braun apparently made the decision to return to Berlin from where she had been away, to pledge loyalty to Hitler and to spend their last days together. They did this within the Fuhrerbunker, the fortified underground bunker where Hitler spent the final part of the war.
Women were not well respected within the Third Reich, and it seems apparent that Eva Braun did not play much of a role in Hitler’s life. She was not a member of the Nazi Party and left no writings or other information that compels historians to believe that she was influential. She did, however, take a number of candid photos of Hitler and other Nazi war criminals.
Sometime on April 29, 1945, shortly after Hitler’s birthday, the two were married within the map room of the Fuhrerbunker. That night, they apparently bid farewell to the members of Hitler’s inner circle. Hitler ordered that their dog, Blondi, should be poisoned with a stock of cyanide capsules to test their potency.
A day later, Hitler committed suicide by gunshot. In the same room, Eva Braun was found dead of cyanide poisoning. Braun’s body was apparently collected by the Soviet Red Army, thoroughly cremated and thrown in a tributary of the Elba river.