Holocaust Solution – The Final, Terrible Plan

Few events have been as terrible, horrifying, and disgusting as the Holocaust. This was the mass genocide of around six million Jewish people during the second world war and was part of the Nazi Party's efforts to wipe undesirables off the face of the planet. The process involved different steps, but the most heinous was known as 'The Final Solution'.
The Final Solution was developed primarily by Heinrich Himmler, and the term was mainly used to disguise what it really meant – the complete and total annihilation of the Jewish population. Prior to the implementation of the Final Solution, around one million Jews had already been massacred. But in 1942 the plan was finalized and it had been decided that the goal was to completely eradicate the Jews from Earth through nothing short of industrialized mass slaughter.
The Nazi Party used various methods to make a case for their plan, even going so far as to blame the Jews for the World War that Hitler himself had led the country into. Over the course of several conventions and speeches it became clear to all high-ranking officials in the party just what the Final Solution was and what it would consist of.
Thus, the infamous concentration camps were created and the Final Solution was put into effect. Through a variety of different methods, the Jewish population began to be slaughtered at a terrifying speed and with horrible efficiency. While other groups including gays, gypsies, the disabled, blacks, and more were also killed, it was the Jews that bore the brunt of the Nazi hatred.
Today, countless stories exist relating the horror of the Final Solution. Interviews with concentration camp survivors, books, photos, films, and more all exist and go into details about the extent of the Holocaust and the terrible solution that drove it forward.
The Final Solution was terrible, but thankfully it failed to completely wipe out a race of people. However, to this day there are many who swear that the Holocaust never occurred. Despite the overwhelming evidence and proof that it happened, many try to argue that it was all a fabrication of the Allied powers. It's completely inaccurate to make such claims, and as painful as remembering the Holocaust and its atrocities is, it is still very important to do so in order to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself and that these Holocaust deniers never make an impact on the facts.