Hitlers Children Review – Gaining Praise

The documentary film "Hitler's Children" was finished in 2011 and debuted on Israeli television that same year. It focuses on the children, grandchildren, and relatives of high-ranking SS and Nazi party members, detailing the struggles they face with the crimes of those who they're descended from. It's an eye-opening film and one that highlights a different side of the Holocaust's dark, ugly shadow.
After its initial debut, Hitler's Children screened in numerous documentary film festivals around the world and is now planned for US distribution during 2013. While much of America has yet to see the movie, it has gained acclaim across the globe due to its emotional impact and message of hope for the future. With its deep, complex themes and its unique look at the Holocaust, it has begun to gain major attention.
UK newspapers have begun to review the film, giving it praise while commenting on the guilt, shame, and pain that the subject matter contains.
John Crace, writing for The Guardian, said that was "an exceptional hour of film-making" and that it '…informed, it surprised, and it made me think'. It paid particular attention to the complex questions raised by the film and on the different ways that the subjects battled with their emotions.
The Independent called it a remarkable film and noted the strong feelings and emotions it brought forth.
And The Times gave it five stars, calling it a superb film, extraordinary, and a remarkable documentary.
Even better than the glowing reviews that the film has gotten over the last several months, it is also noted for having reached the finals in the Best TV Programmes Broadcast in the Prix Europa 2012 competition, and for the excellent response it garnered when it screened at various film festivals including the Warsaw International Film Festival and the IDFA.
Once the film debuts in America the number of reviews will only grow. Already, many publications are beginning to take note. The New York Times awarded it with a 'Critic's Pick' award, highlighting the strong level of response it has created in viewers.
Viewer reviews have popped up online as well, and there is no denying the amount of emotion that the film evokes. Designed to give a voice to those who have long remained silent, this film is a different kind of Holocaust documentary and one that is sure to leave many viewers with a new view of the lingering effects such atrocities can bring.