Hitlers Children Filmography – The Latest From A Talented Director

Hitler's Children is a new documentary that was finished in 2011 and is to be screened in various theaters in the US during the early part of 2013. Its focus is on the children and grandchildren of Hitler's officers. From the daughter of Amon Goeth to the descendants of Goering and Hans Frank, there are numerous descendants willing to tell the story of how they've dealt with the stigma their names carry with them and how they try to move on to the future.
The film is the latest from director and producer Chanoch Ze’evi, who has a long history of creating films focusing on the past and the future, and on reconciliation in the face of such terrors. In his fifteen year history of filmmaking, Ze'evi has won awards and critical acclaim thanks to his numerous films and their themes.
He's created numerous films that are respected around the world. A partial filmography of his work includes:
·         Nadia's Friends – This 2006 film focuses on Ze'evi's search for his former classmates and his discovery that one, Nadia, has become a traditionalist Muslim woman. The focus of the film is on the sudden shift to extremism and what led to it.
·         Holocaust: The Next Generation – Made in 2003, this movie explores the way that the descendants of Holocaust survivors feel about Israel's 'Methods of Remembrance".
·         On the Frontline – This 2001 film focuses on the effects of Israeli society on its youth and follows a class of Israeli students during their time leading up to their drafting into the army.
·         Revenge – Following World War II a Jewish Brigade from the British Army's primary focus was on the hunt for Nazis who escaped the countries. This 1999 movie focuses on their efforts and was produces by Ze'evi.
·         The Disappearance of Martin Bormann – For decades, Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann's exact fate was the subject of intense debate and there were – and still are – many who feel that he escaped justice. This film focuses on his story and his disappearance as the war came to a close.
These are only a few of the films in the filmography of Hitler's Children director Chanoch Ze'evi. Each of his films focuses on the unique themes of conflict, redemption, and social/political issues. This new film is the latest in a long line of excellence, and critics are agreeing that it is one of the best works he has been involved in to date.