Adolf Hitler Suicide

Adolf Hitler caused the deaths of millions of people. Around 11 million prisoners and refugees died as a result of his Holocaust, and a total of 50 million people are estimated to have died during WWII and the Holocaust. As much evil as he committed, Hitler died unceremoniously in an underground bunker in Berlin. He shot himself in the head with his Walther PPK 7.65.
The circumstances of Adolf Hitler's suicide were pieced together from eyewitness accounts as well as from evidence found later by the Soviets. In the last days of April, 1945, Hitler's forces had been largely defeated and Berlin was the last bastion of the Third Reich. As the city was shelled, Hitler huddled underground with his closest allies. He had remained in the bunker since January, never believing that the war was over for Germany. Finally, on April 22, he suffered a nervous breakdown after learning that his orders for a counterattack had been ignored. There, he finally admitted that the war was lost. He also told his confidants that he would kill himself when the end came. This resolve was strengthened when he learned of his ally Mussolini's fate.
On April 29th he and Eva Braun were married, and on April 30th the two of them committed suicide. Witnesses heard a gunshot and Hitler's valet, along with Martin Bormann, entered the study and found the bodies of Adolf and Eva Hitler. Hitler had shot himself, while Eva had poisoned herself with hydrogen cyanide. The bodies were quickly carried outside and burned, then buried in the crater of an artillery shell as the city's bombardment continued around them.
The source of many of the rumors surrounding Hitler's supposed survival were triggered by the Soviets. It was the Soviet army who found Hitler's remains, and who buried it. By around May 11 of 1945, Hitler's dentist had already confirmed to the Russians that the remains were indeed that of Hitler. But the Soviet Union utilized their knowledge for various political desires, often claiming that he'd survived and was being protected by former western allies. In 1970, the Soviets exhumed the bodies and crushed them, burned them, and dumped them into a nearby river.
Today, the evidence of what happened to Hitler is nearly bulletproof and all major historians agree with the account above. Some conspiracy theories persist about his survival, but there is little doubt that Hitler died in his bunker, miserable and by his own hand.